The company's specialists of Eco Install provide a set of technical inspection services for industrial, commercial, warehouse, office and other facilities. Technical inspection allows you to monitor and regulate the activities of design, the estimated engineering and construction works.

The processes of working on the project are clear, manageable, transparent to the customer at all stages of implementation.

Technical inspection ensures timely delivery of the object and its further successful long-term operation.

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These activities include:
  • Quality control (according to the technology of production work, the established state standards and the requirements of SNIP).
  • The supervision over the conduct of construction activities in accordance with the approved design solutions, including control of materials, products, structures and equipment.
  • Monitoring compliance with standards of warehousing and storage of materials, products and equipment.
  • Acceptance of the completed works, drafting and signing of relevant documents (acts of hidden work, testing, provisional acceptance of critical structures and building structures).